Now WIth Free Shipping On All Orders Over $40!!!
Now WIth Free Shipping On All Orders Over $40!!!
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About Us

Jalopy Hat Company is three generations in the making.
My Dad and Grandad not only passed on their obsession for Hot Rods and Custom Cars, but also the "nickname" Jalopy! I'm Vince "Jalopy" Johnson, son of Mike "Jalopy" Johnson, and grandson of Kent "Jalopy" Johnson.
Together we are Jalopy Hat Company.
Our mission statement is to provide apparel and lifestyle products
that inspire Vision, Passion, and Drive to the individual automotive enthusiast.
   Story goes my Great Grandad, Kenneth Melvin Johnson, started calling my Grandad, Kent, "Jalopy" after bringing home a basket case 1940 ford coupe in the late 50's. My Grandad had a Vision and turned that 40 Ford into one of the fastest street racers around Orange County! 
   My Dad, Mike "Jalopy" Johnson, developed a Passion for Hot Rods and Custom Cars by looking at all the old photos Grandad had from his "Hot Rod" glory days. There was no turning back when, for his 15th birthday, Grandad bought him a 1955 Chevy Nomad out of a junkyard. "Jalopy" Johnson Jr. was born.
   For me, my 1st ride was a 63 Volkswagen Bug. I was 15 when my dad gave me his coveralls and passed on the "Jalopy" title. When I put on those coveralls I have the Drive to accomplish anything.                                             
That is my inspiration for the Jalopy Brand.







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